The problem with these TV networks, however, is that they don’t air all the UFC fighting nights. There are some limits on UFC blackouts in most countries, except for Indonesia, Japan, and Korea, for example. When you say there are no blackout restrictions on UFC games, it literally means that in that specific country (Korea and Japan are great examples), all matches are broadcast and broadcast. Therefore, in order to avoid missing any nights of UFC upcoming events action, you must be in Korea or Japan or any region that has no blackout restrictions.

And the good news is that you can potentially trick UFC into believing that you are physically located in these countries–or anywhere, for that matter. This is made possible when you sign up with a Virtual Private Network or a VPN provider.

There are so many VPN service providers, but be sure to check out the following conditions to ensure that you can satisfy the need to watch UFC live

  • The VPN provider will have a variety of servers in various countries around the world. In order to watch UFC live fighting nights, the provider must have servers especially in Korea, Indonesia, Japan, and other countries with no blackout restrictions. You will then connect to one of the servers in those countries so that your IP address can inform UFC that you are physically in those countries.
  • The VPN service you select will use heavy encryption to ensure that your streaming stays secure. A strong virtual private network provider uses military-grade encryption to ensure that the actions are not exposed even to professional hackers and trackers.

How to use VPN -?

  • Choose a VPN with excellent streaming capabilities.
  • Download and install the VPN app. Link to a US server, please.
  • Go to ESPN+ and sign up / log up. You should use PayPal and use Google to locate a US zip code.
  • Ding ding, let the war begin.

Here is the best 5 VPN for you

1. NordVPN





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